What To Know About Maybelline Lipstick

Maybelline lipstick is often seen as a staple in every woman’s makeup bag. It is available in a variety of colors, finishes, and formulas. Maybelline has built their reputation on a huge selection of products at affordable prices. The company was founded by Aileen Rigby in the year 1866 and has been growing ever since. Not only do they have the original Maybelline brand, but they have other brands such as Great Lash, and Baby Lips.

Maybelline has been offering classic shades and formulas for decades, and one of their most popular products is their Lipstick. The lipstick comes in many colors, glosses, formulas, and finishes to choose from. The color ranges from neutrals to deep bold hues which makes it a great choice for any woman’s makeup bag. You can choose from cream-based lipsticks or satin matte shades.

The Maybelline lipstick is a staple in everyone’s makeup collection either because of the wide range of colors or affordable price tag.

Maybelline Lipstick contains a base of emollients, moisturizers and oils which are combined with pigments and resins to create the color. Maybelline Lipstick comes in twelve different colors which are modeled after the original shades that were originally created in the year 1866. The colors range from purples to rusty reds perfect for every woman’s makeup bag.

Maybelline Lipstick comes in tubes, tubes with a plastic applicator, lipstick bullet form, or lip gloss tubes for additional coverage and shine. The packaging of Maybelline products measures 0.15 ounces each tube or bullet has a diameter of about 0.4 inches at its largest point. Maybelline Lipstick offers various finishes from matte to sheer gloss.

The Maybelline Lipstick comes in a variety of different formulas including Satin and Matte, Moisturizing and Hydrating, Sheer and Glossy, Vibrant and Intense, Creamy and Shiny, Protective and Glamorous. Some of the shades are available in two different formulas making them more wearable for every woman.

The formula used to create the lipstick ensures that it will last throughout each day. The formulas are designed to increase the wear of this lipstick throughout the day so that it is still on your lips even after you have finished eating lunch or had a cup of coffee.