Summer Favorite Mini Skirts Styles

Summer is here, and the temperature has risen – not too much, but enough that you need a new outfit to beat the heat. And with so many skirts in your closet, it can be hard to choose which one. The choice is especially difficult if you’re still playing catch-up on holiday shopping.

But whatever skirt you choose, watch out for looking like a cliché! Try these 10 ways to style a mini skirt without looking like an old lady or your trying-too-hard teenager sister.

1. The Everyday-Wear-It Skirt

There’s nothing more attractive than a simple and comfortable skirt. Whether you choose a cotton pencil skirt or a flowy maxi skirt, pair your outfit with comfortable shoes or flip-flops, depending on whether you’re headed to the office or the beach. You can also pair it with sneakers if you plan to do some running around town.

2. The Short Skirt

This style of skirt can be worn to work, to the mall or for a casual dinner with friends. This skirt goes great with jean shorts – not only because it’s short, but because the style of this skirt is somewhat reminiscent of the jean shorts. It’s also easy to accessorize this style of skirt with various options including different colored tights or shoes, like high heels.

3. The Flared Skirt

Flattering on many frames, flared skirts are best paired with strappy sandals or sandal adorned shoes which can be worn together or separately if you want to wear them as separates. You can even pair this skirt with a short top to make it a little sexier.

4. The Long Skirts

This style of skirt goes great with any color and can be worn during the day or even paired with a sleeveless top to wear at night. You can also add a long necklace, like simple pendant necklaces, or long earrings which will project more length from your body and make you look slimmer.

5. The Prints

Prints are all the rage right now, and it’s hard to resist their charm. If you’re going for a boho look, this is the skirt for you. You can wear just about any color underneath to make your outfit pop, but avoid wearing a top that has an identical print as that can be distracting. Pair with a pair of boots if you plan on wearing this skirt out at night, or sandals if you plan on wearing it during the day.

6. The Slip Skirt

If you’re feeling seductive or trying to send some flirtatious message, this skirt is perfect for you.